About Us

Since The Language School Ireland’s establishment in the late 1990’s, the School’s aim has been to enable our Irish Secondary School Students to experience European languages in an enjoyable, effective and affordable way.

Throughout this time, The Language School Ireland has established itself a proven record of effectively encouraging and fostering all the worthwhile elements European Languages. We make every effort to introduce variety of choices and strive to offer a wide range of activities to help develop a new positive perspective of theses languages and help develop student’s fluency.

We understand that learning languages can be a difficult and daunting experience for some students, so we continually revise and restructure our courses to provide the most modern teaching methods to benefit each student, irrespective of standard. We often find that only within a matter of days into our courses, students are already thinking and talking in the language they are studying.

At The Language School Ireland, we provide our students with only the best teachers in Ireland, outstanding facilities and an exciting range of study programmes. Our expertise and our excellent teaching team allows us to cater for all levels. We ensure that each member of our teaching staff is individually hand picked, this enables us to only pick the best Irish teachers in the country. We make sure we only select the best of the best. Our teaching staff includes members of the State Examinations Board and Educational Authors. By providing our students with only the teachers in the country ensures that students achieve their maximum potential.