Benefits of Our Courses

Language School Ireland ensures that our courses benefit both Students and Parents
  • Highly organised courses without the stress and worry of leaving home.
  • Affordable.
  • Students progress at their own pace.
  • Courses are designed to include work done in school.
  • Special help is given to students with little or no fluency.
  • Teachers are individually hand picked.
  • Access to learning support is made available.
  • Emphasis on reward and incentive for effort.
  • Enjoyment and satisfaction is a large element of these courses.
  • Enjoyment and satisfaction is a large element of these courses.
  • Students acquire a good positive attitude to learning and a liking for the language.
  • Students acquire a good appreciation of the language as well as making new friends.
  • Specially prepared notes and handouts are provided.
  • The latest teaching technology is on offer.
  • Students will be advised on how to improve performance to get better marks.
  • Students can freely talk to their teachers and seek help with problems.
  • Feeling comfortable both as a student and as a parent.

Our Course programmes are effective and efficient which are under constant review to cater for the needs of our students and changes in examination syllabis. The classes are designed to prepare students for Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations and teach the language needed to converse and communicate in French, German or Spanish in an every day context as well as concentrating on, developing oral fluency, rehearsing for oral and aural examinations, revising basic grammatical structure and aiding in preparation for written examinations.