What do students need to bring?

Students will need to bring a packed lunch and a drink with them. The School will provide pens and specialised handbooks to each student. Students should wear casual comfortable clothes.

What about settling in?

The first few days of the course are very important and it is essential that our students develop a positive learning attitude as early as possible. After the first few day’s students should become adjusted and acclimatized the learning environment. Students should enjoy the course, participate fully in class and any other fun activities and most importantly discuss any issue with the teacher or principal, before you know it you will find yourself thinking your language.

If for any reason your son/daughter encounters any difficulty in settling in or is unhappy about anything please contact us immediately. We are always here to help students to enjoy every aspect of the course as much as possible.

What can parents do at home?

Parents and other members of the family can use their own knowledge and understanding of the language, regardless of how small it may be, in conversation with your son or daughter throughout the duration of the course.

What is the duration of the course?

Each Course is of a one week duration from Monday to Friday. The Course consists of five 3 hour sessions, from 10.15am – 1.15pm each day.

As a student, what improvement in ability can I expect?

You will see an increased confidence in your language skills as the courses aim to nurture fluency and love of the chosen language. The classes in the morning are tailored to improve all language skills, and as the pupils will be mixing with native speakers of French or German, this will enhance their oral and aural proficiency.

What is the cost?

The total cost of the course is €250, with a deposit of €100 due prior to course commencement or full fee. This is to reserve a place for the student. The remaining balance if the full course fee was not paid is then due on the first morning of the course. There is 10% discount for the second and subsequent member of your family.

What will be covered in the course?

The classes are designed to prepare secondary school students for the Junior and Leaving Certificate examinations and teach the language needed to converse and communicate in French, German and Spanish in an every day context as well as concentrating on, developing oral fluency, rehearsing for oral and aural examinations, revising basic grammatical structure and aiding in preparation for written examinations.

Where are the courses held?

The Language School of Ireland has a number of locations throughout Leinster. Due to our continued success over the past decade and increase in demand we aim to be Leinster-wide within the coming years.

Currently we are run courses in South-Dublin and North-Dublin.

How do I book?

To enroll for one of our courses all you need to do is fill out our Application Form or Book Online. All application forms must be posted to the address listed on the form with a deposit of €100 full fee of €250.

*This deposit will guarantee your place in the class.

**Please note that due to the increase in demand for our courses and our small class sizes, places are very limited. We work on a first come first served bases.

Contact us by email or phone to verify that there is space available for your chosen course. If space is unavailable we will put your name on a waiting list and contact you when a place becomes available.